Bridge cutting board 55 x 30 x 2.5 cm core beech

Bridge cutting board 55 x 30 x 2.5 cm core beech

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  • To cover on hob or sink

  • For cutting and serving

  • Very finely honed, surface natural, not treated

  • Before use, always coat with cold-pressed cooking oil.

  • Glued in expert manual work, right left, core to core, split pin to sapwood.

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A beautiful decorative cover made of steamed heartwood, 30 cm wide, 55 cm long, 2.5 cm thick, with anti-slip feet. The board is suitable for all cutting work. is also very good for slicing home-baked pizzas. Take pizza out of the oven with our pizza scraper and put it directly on this board, cut and serve.

Production: We get our wood directly from the forest, our environment. From the tree trunk to the finished product, the processing takes place in craftsmanship and quality, completely in our own workshop. We attach great importance to natural-ecological wood processing, so that nature also remains natural.
Delivery: Delivered the product, very finely honed and untreated.After the final finishing touch, the board is packed only with food gloves directly.You will have long pleasure with your purchased product, if you have extreme temperatures, high humidity and aggressive detergents avoid and observe the following instructions.

Unpacking and care: The board is hygienically packed, so please do not wash, After unpacking simply paint the board with cooking oil, this is best recommended a baking brush, After about 5 min. Use a clean cloth to rub off excess oil and allow to air-dry, standing upright and allowing to dry

For cleaning: Rinse the product simply under running water with a medium-hard brush and a gentle dishwashing detergent, then dry with a towel. It is best to place the product upright to dry, but never put it on a radiator. You can care for your product according to the load or if it gets dull, and after cleaning with the help of a back brush, treat the work surface again with edible oil as described above. Never clean the product in the dishwasher because it is exposed to high humidity for too long. Dishwashers are no problem

Each product is unique, different patterns are the result of natural wood